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Portals of Artemisia


Nature is a container of knowledge and emotion, landscape is a stage of reality.

In my opinion, the key to change lies in the conscious observation of nature.

Each landscape contains the codes for the creation of matter.

These codes live within an intuitive space of reality, a spontaneous mirror by nature. 


The series interprets landscape as a stage to our perception, a space where imagination becomes the parallel of our mind into reality. The images express the function of a bridge between dimensions, display of a lived dream-like state, independent from intellectual representation and dogmatic belief. The use of colour allows to decipher reality and enter in relationship with the space that is portrayed, a space for the understanding of ourselves in connection to the whole. The photographs have been collected as part of a personal study on holistic nature and are intended as a celebration of natural spaces in their value for human transformation and development.


As you enter nature, leave all unnecessary behind

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