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Digital photography, watercolour painting

Every limb is a branch,

sweet lymph flowing through each capillary,

breath moving the spirit of One

We celebrate life as it flows through us



Over the last five years of my journey a call to melt into the depth of nature has been the compass to research and learn from different cultures in creation of this work. A dream-like symbolism is infused into the layers of the images, they ask for a slow reading, an invitation to pause and find meaning in weaving connections between the picture that is created amongst the whole. 


Longing for a dialogue to sustain balance, the project proposes a voyage through the essence of relational cosmogony, uniting the interlaced aspects of creation into one animistic and fluid consciousness, a feminine breathing all-encompassing existence. As the perspective of relationship expands, the project explores photography as an exchanging medium to converse with the environment and its inhabitants. It is a map of relational living between the visible and the invisible : the ordinary transcends the modern assuming an oneiric character, which transforms into a playful celebration of life.


In the outlook for ecological development, the integration of sacredness in the actions of the everyday intends to become the key of shifting awareness, extending care and value to the aspects conventionally considered as non human.




On the inside there was a desire to connect, to have a dialogue with what was there. 

A dialogue with the essence of life : Nature.

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