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The Earth breathes through her own spiritual field,
a consciousness that relies all living beings to an organic creation

The meditation guides you to connect with the heart of the Earth's conscious presence
and allow for healing and restoration to be sent across the planetary field

An intention placed within collective meditation amplifies the ripple
that moves through creation influencing the physical aspect of reality

The light that is sent in intention through the meditation returns in our daily life 

to inspire actions and movement towards our fulfilment,
in alignment to an evolution in benefit to all beings alike

This process activates our healing potential in our individual and collective presence

This event is free and held online via zoom 
Thursday 28th of March 2024
18:30 - 19:15 CET

The button above will allow you to confirm your participation via email,
write your name on it at least two hours before the event
and I'll send you the link to join

Thank you

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