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Art as a channel for a multi-sensorial experience of soul enlightenment and deep reflection of interconnectedness

How does it translate into reality?


By the means of an immersive experience, to lift the senses and transform emotions into pure consciousness


Experiencing the sublimation of the senses through the synthesis of visual art, plant based nutrition,

delicate vocal poetry, unique sound and be guided through an experience in connection to our sacred Nature

A bridge to interconnection

Visual arts melt into the experience of multi-sensorial happenings, creating installations that invite an open awareness for people to perceive relationships in a dream-like vision of being. Organic elements and symbols merge into a conversation that promotes dialogue between different forms of existence.


Collaborating with plant-based creators it is my invitation to appreciate the tasting of uniquely prepared local herbal foods, served as part of the performative act created for the public.


The artworks are created with great attention to the local environment, sourcing from fair-trade artisanal businesses, supporting women employment and the adoption of organic, recyclable and/or compostable materials.

Bringing back sacredness and conservation

To recognise that we are all involved in consumption means to understand how to reinvent our involvement to meet progressive alternatives. It is to find a common benefit that supports both the individual and the collective, a cycle relying the people, the space, the plants, the animals, the ancient and the new.

From the mother, through the mother, for the mother of creation

  • to feed the curious nature of our spirit and remember the magic of living

  • to elevate the understanding of ourselves in the ecosystem

  • to discover or deepen into the experience of plant- based nourishment and herbal remedies for blissful living

  • to touch new grounds of perception and connection beyond the ordinary

Air of the East_Bodhi Shola_107_edited_e


Life and art are intrinsic and part of the all that is Nature

Living between heaven and earth, our body is a bridge

of communication, we are containers and carriers of magic, poetry, pleasure, wisdom and elevation

Practicing connection brought infinite light into my life

as an artist and woman, providing for inspiration, focus,

fulfilment, deep peace and sweet love within



Sacred Waters.jpg


November 2024

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Experiencing the world of infinite and creative waters :

a journey from the cave of inner creation

into the jungle of bewildered self,

rebirthing into the bliss of union with the living.

The beauty of Lake Atitlan holds us

to heal the relationships to our feminine nature


Healing comes through our bodies, the fruits of the earth,

the warm embrace of creative sharing, the love for all forms of being

We are inviting you to on a sacred journey of healing,

rewildering, ritual, moving beyond the known in togetherness


Lake Atitlan on the Land of Guatemala is the cradle of creation, a basin of feminine energy,

through conscious practices in movement, breathing, dance, singing, contemplation and ceremony

we invite the energy of the Mother principle to enter our bodies and heal the Heart

We gaze into each other's hearts and release the old patterns of relationship,

we recreate the connection to nature in the land, in our bodies, in our consciousness,

we meet together to learn and enjoy our infinite potential of aliveness and sensitive power,

we dive into the depths of the water element as a tool to discover the essence of being

Consciousness is placed within each breath, rediscovering harmony in eating,

in playing together, understanding the origin of our needs,

of our desires and dreams, transforming limitations into love, health and care

We invite you to fall in love with the magic of life that lives within the spirit of Nature

and reconnect to the teachings passed along the feminine dragon lineage


About my journey

of Spirit

I consciously entered meditation for the first time as I sat amongst the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia in 2017, as the infinite light passed through me, connecting my presence with the life around, a consciousness of bliss all pervading. Practices for the body, spirit and mind came beginning in 2018, entering in connection with teachers Renetsu Sparks and Prem Shunyo , women and bearers of light who had been in direct contact with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, known as Osho. Through these meetings I was introduced to the concept of heart-based Tantra as well as silent and dynamic meditation techniques. I received the name Bodhi Shola (translated into “Flame of consciousness”) under the will to follow the guidance of Truth on my path to inner light in January 2019 and started practicing Kundalini Yoga under teacher Ganga Kaur shortly after. In 2020 a rupture with the philosophy of Kundalini Yoga brought me to a detachment from the direct practice and opened into a connection with sacred plant medicine in Mexico, a land I learned from over one year. At my return from Mexico in 2021 illness came into my life, overwhelmed by the tireless strain I was putting on my body and spirit, I entered a phase of darkness for my whole system. Integrating the diverse teachings to that day I decided to recreate my practice, finding a way through severe physical pain by meditations on the transcendental form of self and a devotion to the spirits of nature in a process nurtured by plant food as medicine. It is during this time that a deep passion developed for conscious, compassionated and zen inspired forms of nutrition, integrating herbals and flowers for holistic restoration and wellbeing. In October 2022 I received the initiation into the sacred plant of cacao by a member of the Ashaninka Tribe of Peru at the Forest of Brocelande in France, which opened to the opportunity to share ceremonies and offerings for our intrinsic connection to the sacred feminine, the earth and the all pervading spirit. Completing a cycle of healing, I travelled to meet the ancestral lands of Bali, Egypt and India during the year 2023, reconnecting with the wisdom to the restoration of the feminine dragon lineage. During the month of July 2023 I explored the teachings and history of the Buddha in the lands of Ladakh, on the blessed opportunity to receive the words of his holiness the Dalai Lama during his retreat at the Mahabodhi Center of meditation in Leh, India. 

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