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The Love Between onion and orchid

The path of destiny chooses us, it resides within us and guides us through the steps of the unknown. Finding connection in all spaces of totality is the tantric path of experiencing the light in each vibrating particle that is created on earth.

To deny the light principle within all aspects of the human experience would denote unseeing the life essence that has been placed in perfect harmony for a thriving system. The poisonous tree bark, burning the skin with its lymph, grows within ten meters from the tree within which the antidote is contained. Life gives us a play of discovery and opportunities to play out our free will and choose in consciousness and love. Love is the totality, it is the medicine that grows from within, the unbound hug directed towards a cosmos that keeps giving and expanding. The collapse is the process of expansion that recreates from the underworld into the upper planes of being, it stirs the energy that has been condensing, fermenting, decaying and allows for beauty to flourish through into the sunlight.

The orchid loves onions and her roots can be fed on them to grow more radiant. A discovery that made me realize how finely intertwined the systems of beauty and death are, playing with each other to create an experience of alternative blooming.

How are we blooming out of our onion peels?

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