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The multidimensional reality of time and body

Mind does project what it is known to its experience, whether direct or indirect, and therefore undergoes a process of limitation when encountering situations outside the knowledgeable creation of the identifying self. Mind does not see but allows for creation guided by the energy connected to the source of cosmic creation. The source is the light that as pure potentiality takes form through vibration, thought, speech, sound, movement and action. Pure potentiality is a pure form of energy that does not exist as material creation until duality isn’t present to manifest it into a space. It is the duality that allows for the material manifestation of pure potentiality as this is absolute, unlimited, formless and infinite pure light.

The energy reacts to the body in form of geometrical frequencies that move and expand as thought forms. The alignment of the energetic light centres of the body gives origin to the multidimensional pattern around the physical form of the person and interact in the space of the aura. In a state of alignment and harmony between the light energy centers of the spiritual body the auric field appears as a source of rainbow lights and patterns. The changes happening on the outer energetic layers of the aura create ripples in the code of the layers that reconnect the outer cosmic space with the body and therefore break the patterns of mind as it creates reality around the person. Changes in the energetic field create transformation on the multidimensional levels of self across time and space as ascending spiral consciousness.

In modern society the word time has undergone a misleading association to a sense of limitation given by a square concept of time itself. This is a constructed belief to turn our time into a tool for consumeristic behaviour and control over the expense of our evolutionary space. Time equals to space in the way it is not linear but a multidimensional concept that does not exist as pure form. The concept we have of time in current society is an association to a constructed style of living and institutional control over the way we interact with reality as a whole. The concept of it as presented to social living is linked to imposed responsibilities and expectations as we move through the structures of reality as created by a minority of egoistic interests over life. Time is in its purest form the essence of our freedom.

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