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Prism of the Feminine is a project dedicated to the voice of the feminine that resides within the depths of being, to all the facets of divinity that inhabits and guides us, to the wise ones that have opened the doors of trans-generational healing, in freedom from identity, cultural and social beliefs, leading us into connection and wholeness.

Celebrating life through an immersive and multi-sensorial event, it invites to an exploration of interconnection, an ode to the beauty of existence, guided by vocal poetry, performative dance, grounding into floral dishes : a contemporary garden of the feminine, a space to revisit the inner landscape of the self and explore the intrinsic relationship we hold with nature. 

- - -

Essaouira, Morocco, June 2023

We consider the land we are standing in, the traditions of this place, the wind, the animals, the sun, the sea, the colours and textures, all are participants to the performance created

Creative direction and vocal guidance : Bodhi Shola

Performance artists : Julia Helhke and Hamza Sabra

Sound design : Ilya Varlam

Plant based tasting : Folklore Collectif


Listening to my inner compass

to make the choices I am invited to

with pleasure and inner wisdom

I greet realms around me

I am connected to all beings,

from the sand to the infinite galaxy,

all existence is my friend

Tears transmute fire into water of freedom

A gift of the body to awaken the heart

dropping into new dimensions of joy



Bodhi Shola_Prism Feminine_3942.jpg
Bodhi Shola_Prism Feminine_4236.jpg
Bodhi Shola_Prism Feminine_4346.jpg
Bodhi Shola_Prism Feminine_4343.jpg
Bodhi Shola_Prism Feminine_4214.jpg
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