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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala


Experiencing the world of infinite and creative waters :

a journey from the cave of inner creation

into the jungle of bewildered self,

rebirthing into the bliss of union with the living.

The beauty of Lake Atitlan holds us

to heal the relationships to our feminine nature.



Creating safe space for connection,

for experience of being,

for depth in the heart

Rewildering the heart,

opening to the poetry of life’s unfolding

Recognising the voice of plants

and the voice of inner light,

healing the connection to the feminine

Celebration, connection and awareness

of our presence in an evolving ecosystem

Ritual, education and guidance to understanding plant and elemental consciousness through sound, plant based food, movement, meditation and sharing

By releasing the cellular trauma of the body

it is possible to open, learn and experience

the wisdom from within

Water blessing ritual


Plant consciousness and

wisdom from the elders of Nature

Sacred Cacao ceremony

Visit to local permaculture farms and communities

Dance of the Elements

Exploration into the landscape and her waterfalls

Relationship practice,

to give and receive from a place of love

Attuning the body to the Sun and the Moon

Celebration of life


The retreat is open to all genders and ages above 18

To create a world of harmony it is of value embracing

both the masculine and feminine principles with love

It is a safe space where boundaries are considered for each 

activity, in which open dialogue is part of the integration

and growth process during the experience, inviting an 

open heart and mind to overcome the limitations of 

separation and renew unity consciousness

We embrace and empower the living

principle within each form of existence,

with trust, patience, openness, courage and honesty


Sacred Waters.jpg

" Through the meeting with Bodhi Shola

 I feel transported into new perspectives,

it opened a new positive outlook on the world and new possibilities have emerged.

Conscious exchanges that create wellbeing

for the body and the spirit. "

Eloise M


Bambu Guest House is an eco retreat located in Tzununa, near Lake Atitlan.

The construction of the lodgings has been done using local and natural materials,

bamboo is combined with wood, stone and glass.

Rooms are shared to a maximum of 6 people in the same space,

men and women benefit of separate accommodations for better comfort.  

Each room has a bathroom with hot water and a balcony with a view.  

The food ingredients come from the guest house farm and the local surroundings.

Edible Flower.jpg
A Lake Sunset.jpg

The total price of the retreat is 1330 Euros


What is included :

  • 8 days of accomodation and plant based meals (vegan for the exception of honey)

  • Sacred cacao ceremony

  • Water blessings ritual

  • Theoretical guidance on plant consciousness

  • Daily morning practice for attunement to the Sun

  • Evening sharing circles and attunements to the Moon

  • Exploration of the waterfalls and landscape of Guatemala

  • Elemental dance practice

  • Relationship practice, to give and receive love

  • Learning about permaculture farming

  • Trans-generational healing to reconnect to the feminine principle

More activities to discover and unveil on place


What is not included :

  • Flight to and from Guatemala with travel insurances

The transport from the airport or from any location within the country can be arranged upon inquiry


For more informations send me an email to 

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