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A Study of Fertility

Inspired by my own experience with amenorrhea, the series “A Study of Fertility” dives into feminine sensitivity to explore sustainable development, pointing at how reclaiming truthful wisdom on feminine wellbeing is vital to the health of collective flourishing. 


Following several years under the effects of birth control medication is slowly recovering to a regular moon cycle.  In 2019 I decided to leave the notions of western medicine behind me and embarked a journey of self-healing, diving into various traditions around the world, to find a solution to the depression I had been experiencing. The consequences of hormonal imbalance are both mental and physical, characterised by depressive states, anxiety and fatigue, conditions being linked to the disruption of a self-regulating internal system. I understand the acceptance of menstruation as a fundamental step towards the prosperity of women and their thriving presence as part of society. Studies on holistic and traditional indigenous medicine demonstrate the value of synchronising the physical and spiritual body to the natural biorhythms of the earth and the moon, exploring the wisdom of cyclical living to regain harmony with the nurturing feminine. 


Through the onirical and transformative vision of a motherly essence that connects the human and the environmental under one aspect of communal existence, it is the projects’ aim to reflect on a harmonious and fertile coexistence with nature and a sacred reverence to the cycles of life. It is a study of women and their place in contemporary living, in community and vibrating with sexual independency, creating space for dialogue and information.

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