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Kundalini_consciousness_Bodhi Shola_photography_connection_nature

Each image is a healing journey brought back to its essence


Mexico_Bodhi Shola_Photography_Landscape_ecoloy_Sea_water_environment

Projects of art and rituals of connection :


curated experiences, looking into

worlds of wonder, beyond the surface,

connecting the visible and invisible,

an union of human and environment

CollectibleDRY_Bodhi Shola_94A7776.jpg

Windows of reflection,

seeing the other as yourself,

wholeness shining through the soul,

a portrait of energy in healing motion

over times of conscious change 

Nettle Goddess_Bodhi Shola_Art_photography_environment_plant medicine

Reflections between the ordinary

and the oneiric, rooted practices 

of transcendental and ecological awareness, storytelling and

personal guidance

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