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An unfolding dialogue in the heart of all forms of being

is capable of shifting meaning

within contemporary culture and society

The roots of conscious development descend 

into the intuitive sensibility to perceive

unity between all aspects of existence,

to preserve and reinstall sacredness

in a cyclical and spiritual perspective on life

2207_SelfPortrait_Bodhi Shola.JPG

Bodhi Shola is an artist using a feminine perspective to address sustainable evolution. Consideration is placed on the interconnection between intimacy, sacredness and nature, addressing acceptance and compassion in contemporary social culture.

Informed by her experiences and studies in contact with eastern philosophies, herbalism and meditation, the awareness towards a balanced and transversal development of society is at the core of the artist’s creation.

"Each image is a healing journey brought back to its essence"

It is through the symbolical and dream infused language of the creative medium that Bodhi Shola approaches the themes of the collective, supporting equality, biodiversity and a vision of united consciousness. The oneiric layer is transported into the factual by the means of photographic imagery that documents landscapes for preservation and hints into ceremonial practices that address social issues through the lens of kindness.

The artworks are created using products sourced from local and fair-trade artisanal businesses, supporting women employment and the adoption of organic, recyclable and/or compostable materials within the oeuvre itself.


Bodhi Shola’s work has been shortlisted for the 2020 Foam Paul Huf Award and exhibited between Europe and United States as part of several group exhibitions. Selected shows include Fotografiska Museum ; Armani Silos, Milan ; Red Hook Labs Gallery, NY ; Beacon Gallery, Boston ; Leica Gallery, Milan. Her work has been presented in publications including The Ny Times Magazine, Vogue Italia, The British Journal of Photography, Atmos Magazine, South China Morning Post, Dear Dave Magazine and Harpers Bazaar.

For commissions and inquiries please write to :


2023 * NUDE , Fotografiska Museum, Berlin 


2022 * Naturale Festival, Milano

2022 * Sexy Period, THS Hotel Florence


2021 * NUDE , Fotografiska Museum,

             Stockholm, New York, Tallin

2020  * Shifting perspectives in fashion photography,

             PhotoVogueFestival by Vogue Italia, Milan

2020 * IPA Honourable Mention, Fine Art category


2020 * Foam Paul Huf Award Nomination

2019 * Future Shock , Fonderia Napoleonica, Milan 

2019 * Photographing the Female ,Beacon Gallery, Boston 

2018 * Italian Panorama , Armani Silos, Milan

2018 * The New Beautiful , Affordable Art Fair, Milan 

2017 * PhotoVogue Festival , Spazio BASE, Milan

2017 * Serendipity, Spazio Comando Militare, Milan

2017 * Uncensored - Girl Gaze , Los Angeles

2017 * The New Beautiful curated by Vogue Italia,

             Museo Bagatti Valsecchi court, Milan

2017 * Labs New Artists , Red Hook Labs Gallery, NY 

2017 * PhotoVogue in Portraits by Vogue Italia and Leica ,

             Leica Gallery, Milan


The NY Times Magazine

Vogue Italia

Atmos Magazine


Odiseo by Folch


Riposte Magazine


Harpers Bazaar


Dear Dave Magazine


South China Morning Post

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine

The British Journal of Photography


Numero France


Il Fotografo


C41 Magazine



2019 - 2023 * Thesis mentorship for photography,

IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan


2019 - 2022  * Art direction for photography ,

IED Istituto Europeo Design, Milan 


2020  * Lecture : Process of Unveiling,

Heimtextil, Frankfurt am Main


2018  * Lecture : Creative collaboration,

University of Arts Bournemouth , UK


2018  * Lecture : Fashion Photography ,

College of Fashion - University of Arts, London


2017  * Talk : #Untaggable for Audi and Vogue Italia , Milan

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