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“The nudity is a symbol for my fundamental acceptance of myself, as I am.”

- Nadia Waheed -

I spent 7 years on pharmaceutical birth control and, having lived the absence of menstruation for a long

time after releasing it, I feel the issue around its truth as the blessing and responsibility of being a woman. 

Inspired by my own experience with amenorrhea, the series  is pointing at the reclamation of truthful

wisdom on hormonal and reproductive wellbeing as vital to the health of collective flourishing.

The consequences of a suppressed or disrupted internal system are both mental and physical,

characterised by depressive states, anxiety and fatigue. I understand the acceptance of menstruation

as a fundamental step towards the prosperity of women and their thriving presence in society.

Interpreting the female reproductive system as symbol of life, death and rebirth, the project reflects on

the sacredness of menstruation, denoted as an approach of respect towards our bodies, towards the blood

and lymph that moves us and its ability to regenerate, heal and give life. Life and death coexist harmoniously,

where the end is the seed to a new beginning. To respect and celebrate menstruation as a key aspect of life means

to acknowledge it as a human right issue, replacing shame with self-worth and acceptance.

Thank you to the models for their trust and presence in creating this project.

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