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The project, shot in Mexico City in 2021, initiates a dialogue on the topic of consent within a mutual relationship. Consent represent the right to express the body shamelessly without demanding a sexual interaction.

In the series the act of asking permission is transformed in a dance between two partners, finding comfort

in a playful interaction of opposites. 

The selected images represent the unification between the feminine and the masculine pole, brought to balance

in a theatrical play of harmony. The two sides of the human form are a mirror of the ethereal union between

opposite forces and energies in constant movement within the world.”Godification” is the peaceful agreement

of oneness generating a creative understanding, that nurtures respect and acceptance in a relationship.

2103_Intimacy_Bodhi Shola_222.jpg
2103_Godification of Intimacy_Bodhi Shola_A.jpg
2103_Godification of Intimacy_Bodhi Shola_B.jpg
2103_Godification of Intimacy_Bodhi Shola_C.jpg
2103_Intimacy_Bodhi Shola_228.jpg
2103_Intimacy_Bodhi Shola_520.jpg
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