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As I reach for fragrant rose grapes in the morning I feel serene and inspired.

The sweetness of the fruit and its rich history, as the water met the sun in the wine yards of the south, are making the experience

of the day a delightful one. The moment we open our eyes in the morning our nervous system feels the excitement of a new day

and reaches for stimuli in the outside world. The dreams we have been carrying in the night are guiding us through the rest of

our daily life as they bring insight on our deepest fears and joys. Fuelling the nervous apparatus of our body is nourishing our dreams into the awakened state of realisation in which food constitutes an instrumental piece of the symphony for elevation and well-being.

Stress factors from our environment assume a multitude of facets as we move through our daily participation in the encounter with different people, confronted to institutions and structures of contained knowledge and exposed to sound vibrations that alter our state of inner quiet. Alterations in our environment create ripples in our waves of perception and might leave us with the feeling of being drained, leading to states of anxiety and depression on the long term. To reduce the impact of such disturbing frequencies we received the gift of earthly heavenly products for our body to be restored and supported. The roots coming from the soil give us stability in

the feet so we can walk lightly while fruits enrich our circulation to the brain and spark bright ideas to our mind.


I have learned from plants to listen to my senses, to grow my intuition and use my abilities through pleasure and fulfilment.

When feeling emotionally out of balance I place my worries into the grains I am growing next to the window. As little seeds sprout

into microgreens my emotions are being transmuted while I am eating what I grow, what has listened to me so deeply and provides me

of the medicine to my own unbalanced feeling. It is in plants I found support to my tiredness, as ashwagandha and red clover are balancing my hormonal system and soothing nervousness. Rice and coconut milk are mothers of softness, wild spinach and purslane are majestic resources of minerals, carrot is an eye healing beauty, restoring our organs of freshness with its orange vibrant colour.

When the heart is melting of fatigue rose petals, apples and functional mushrooms are my lovers ,

strengthening the sensibility to nurture space for love and caring.


Infinite is the medicine of the earth as she grows the fruits we need to understand ourselves and most importantly how we relate to

food in the form of a communication. With each living entity we encounter we shape a relationship that can be of elevating or rather destroying nature. As I talk to my food I can feel it responding to my needs and guide me to understanding myself with clarity. Mushrooms create nets of interconnected awareness within us, from our stomach to our brain, an axis that has long been established

as the basis of mental health. Fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds are holding us in a space of tranquility, they protect us in the form of invisible guardians during our day. The sweetness of water and herbal infusions create refreshment and serenity at the side of a little cinnamon and dark cacao to fill the nights with pleasure, in a time we install as a ritual and gift to celebrate ourselves in gratefulness.

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