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Life and art are intrinsic and part of the all that is Nature

Living between heaven and earth,

our body is a bridge of communication,

love filled poetry of being in wise and mutual elevation


To meditate means to place ourselves in connection with the essence of Life

to align in thought, word and movement,

it is an active presence of listening and being intertwined,

in dialogue with the whole




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I offer personal guidance sessions

to navigate creative waters

and express the unique essence of being,

consciously interrelated to the whole

Using visualisations and meditative practices for connection and self-awareness,

reviewing the individual process of creation to understand subconscious limitations,

returning to a perception of intuitive understanding in the workflow,

creating in balance with the resources of nature, considering cyclical rhythms,

to cultivate the experience of harmonious presence and expression within the ecosystem of Earth

"The meeting with Bodhi Shola shifted me into new perspectives, a positive outlook on the world has opened and renewed opportunities emerged. Conscious exchanges that are of
well-being to body and spirit" 
Eloise M
"Trust and safety, peace and tranquillity,
this is what I kept from our few meetings. 
No judgement, a lot of understanding instead.
This encounter allowed me to reflect on many aspects of my life that I had not considered
before and will undoubtedly remain
forever impressed within me"


Each day I learn to be born again

to listen to the Spirit of creation 

to the great mother that births all into being

Looking through the eye of the all seeing principle

to become wise like the trees

transparent like the breeze

dancing like the river

Being un-being

an eternal student of Oneness


I consciously entered meditation for the first time as I sat amongst the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia in 2017,

as the infinite light passed through me, connecting my presence with the life around, a consciousness of bliss all pervading.

Practices for the body, spirit and mind came beginning in 2018, entering in connection with teachers Renetsu Sparks and

Prem Shunyo , women and bearers of light who had been in direct contact with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, known as Osho.

Through these meetings I was introduced to the concept of Tantra as well as silent and dynamic meditation techniques.

I received the name Bodhi Shola (translated into “Flame of consciousness”) under the will to follow the guidance of inner wisdom

on my path to evolution in January 2019 and started practicing Kundalini Yoga under teacher Ganga Kaur shortly after.

In 2020 a connection to the ancestral wisdom of Mexico opened, in gratefulness to the teachings in contact with the master plant

Hikuri and the psilocybin mushrooms, also called "Niños Santos" and used for ritual healing in the shamanic tradition.

At my return from Mexico in 2021 illness came into my life and I entered a phase of darkness for my whole system.

Integrating the diverse teachings to that day I decided to recreate my practice, finding a way through severe physical pain

by meditations on the transcendental form of self and a devotion to the spirits of nature in a process nurtured by plant food

as medicine. It is during this time that a deep passion developed for conscious, compassionated and zen inspired forms

of nutrition, integrating herbals and flowers for holistic restoration and wellbeing.  Through my healing cycle I have

researched and explored Ayurvedic herbal massage and plant medicine in Kerala, India ;  ancestral plant-based cooking

with Folklore Collectif in Morocco ; offerings and teachings to connect with the sacred plant of cacao with Jose Runa Mercado,

a descendant of the Ashaninka Tribe of Peru, and the most generous wisdom from the people and plants I have met along the way,

hidden gems from the most unexpected locations.  I am currently learning about the cultivation and use of European medicinal herbs

and holding space for  collective meditations, alongside my practice as an artist through the visual, living in northern Italy, close to Venice.

The ritualistic practice of merging into oneness of love, in harmony with Nature,  is a gift to nurture

in my daily living. I dedicate my work to the teachers and inspirations from the human, plant, animal,

mineral and spiritual realms, for all they have passed onto me, gifting me this opportunity of blessed life

The name "Jardin Espiral" comes from my heart's tribute to the land of Mexico and its valuable teachings,

opening to a time of healing and great inspiration to weave a path in my life


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